Finding The Faucet Valve To Fit Your Needs

Finding The Faucet Valve To Fit Your Needs — Willow Tree Custom Homes

The centerpiece of any bathroom or kitchen will be the sink. The right sink basin can be a part of the equation, as we’ve talked about before, but the next necessary half of the equation is choosing the right faucet.

Your chosen form will be somewhat dependent on your highest-priority faucet function. If you’re not sure where to start with sifting through your choices, here is a crash course on faucet valve types.

For Staying on a Budget

If you’re mostly looking to find an affordable option, then you might want to stick to the classics: compression valve faucets. This is the oldest type of faucet technology. This type features two separate handles that essentially screw and unscrew to open up the water flow.

This is a really simple design that can be easily and cheaply installed. However, the design is also fairly prone to leaking. This means that it might not be your best option for faucets that see a lot of use.

For An Easy Turn

Cartridge faucets improve on some of the problems presented by its older brother the compression faucet. Cartridge faucets seal off the flow of water with a half turn instead of having to manually screw it tight.

This type of faucet takes less effort to turn on and off, and also is less likely to leak. Another bonus is that this type of valve lends itself to either a single or a double handle design, which gives you a versatility that makes it a great choice for bathrooms.

For Less Leaks

If you’re wanting a heavy duty faucet that can withstand a lot of action, a ball valve faucet is a great option. With a ball and lever mechanism controlling the water flow with a single handle, this faucet seals tight and withstands a lot of use.

This makes them a particularly common choice for kitchen sinks. The ball in the mechanism can be either metal or plastic, but metal is your best bet for more longevity. 

In recent years, an even better variation on this design has emerged. A disc valve operates with two movable ceramic discs. Those discs are polished to be able to seal against each other perfectly watertight, and the fired material is also incredibly hard and resilient to mineral build-up over time.

The high quality of the different components does make disc valve faucets in general more expensive, but it also ensure that you will rarely have to replace it. This means that it can be a good option in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or wherever else you need a reliable water source.

If this has your ideas flowing, it might be time to get started on plotting out your own bathroom and kitchen in your custom built or remodeled home! Contact us to get started.