The Hidden Key To A Perfect Custom Home

The Hidden Key To A Perfect Custom Home

When it comes to building the custom home of your dreams, one of the key factors for success is rarely the first one mentioned - communication.

We immediately think of planning, materials, contractors, and of course, a budget. There are so many items that go into that perfect new house, but communication is always an aside.

If your custom home builder thinks one meeting to kick the project off is enough, run.

If they tell you they can call you every hour with an update, run.

Whether you want to be part of the building process or let your builder take over, you need to have multiple check ins throughout the build. Without setting parameters of how often you’d like to connect, you could get overwhelmed by too many updates or be left out of the loop with not nearly enough. Trust us, this matters. The process through which you communicate will actually effect how you feel about your finished home.

Our recommendation: set a standard of how often you’d like to communicate at the start, allowing you to avoid many potential headaches.

Anxiety over not receiving updates can not only ruin what should be an exciting process, it can cause strife between you and your significant other. You should never have to beg for an update and should always be aware of where the team is in the building process.

Meanwhile, receiving calls and emails more than you’d like can result in you feeling overwhelmed and distancing yourself from the build. If your custom home builder cries wolf too often, you may not respond to an emergency call or request for a quick decision because they’ve managed to make you feel like no call is actually important. Worse still, it can lead to resentment between you and your dream home.

We never want our clients to feel like the home building process was a pain. This is your custom built house. It’s what you’ve dreamed about. You should love the people who help make your dream a reality as much as you love that new reality.

It’s this line of thinking that makes our Project Managers so important. These team members focus on the relationship between you and WIllowTree and serve as intermediaries. While they provide you with feedback and updates as requested at the start, they also manage subcontractors and the job site. This allows the Project Manager to know everything about your home build and what needs to be communicated to you.

We at WillowTree Custom Homes talk about communication because we believe it makes the difference between having a new home and the perfect home. If you’re ready to start the process for a perfect home, contact us today.