5 Tips For Designing A Great Kitchen

5 Tips for Designing A Great Kitchen — Willow Tree Custom Homes

The kitchen. 

It’s the epicenter of the house - where we eat, where we gather, where we live.

One of the first rooms families think about when they build a custom home is the kitchen. It’s often the area they have the most opinions on and have dreamed the most about.

When we start building out a dream kitchen, we focus on a few key items first. Once we have these down, everything else starts falling into place.

1. Map out where your appliances will go.

Whether you want an open concept kitchen, something more closed off, or a large island as your focal point, you need to consider how you will use your appliances. Think about how you will interact with your kitchen and the appliances, like a fridge, microwave, and oven before you head too far in any one direction.

2. Consider storage.

Do you want a big pantry? Are you a baker? Do you have plates you want out on display? These questions can help you understand how much space you need to store food, dishware, pots and pans. The last thing you want in your dream kitchen is not enough space for everything you need.

3. Plan around height.

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the fun parts of a luxury kitchen, you forget the minute details. Make sure countertops are at an appropriate level based on your height and that you can reach those dishes in your shelves.

4. Allow for natural light.

Natural light warms up any room, but it also makes a room appear larger. As a bonus, being able to see outside may make cooking an even more enjoyable experience.

5. Give yourself space.

Ensure you have enough room on the counters for food prep, storage, etc. Let yourself have room to move around - if you and your spouse like to cook together, plan the kitchen so you won’t bump into each other.

Know where you want your appliances, pay attention to the space you will have, make sure shelves, cabinets and countertops are at a useable height, give yourself enough storage, and let in natural light. These five key items can turn a dream kitchen into a reality while avoiding many classic pitfalls.