Modernize Your Home

Modernize Your Home — Willow Tree Custom Homes

Surprisingly, it’s not hard to make your home feel up to date. Through a few small, relatively inexpensive changes, we can make our homes feel like they are equipped for the future. 

Do you know anyone who still has a flip phone? We don’t. A quick install of wall outlets with a USB option, something you can do by yourself, immediately updates your home for the smartphone era. Forget carrying a phone charger around the house - simply leave an unobtrusive USB cord in the wall and you’re set.

Switching to smart appliances can also freshen up your home. Imagine dimming your lights or playing music wirelessly - an Alexa device can do that! Tired of opening your refrigerator and seeing the milk is gone? Smart fridges can tell you when you’re low on certain items or when it’s time to hit the grocery store! Technology has made some big strides in the house, from video doorbells to remotely controlled AC. Most of these products are reasonably priced and can be installed yourself.

If you’re looking to make your home feel a little more modern, you can also change out your lightbulbs. Bright, LED lights can pick up on some of the more vibrant colors in your rooms that older lights don’t quite hit. Not to mention, they can save you money on your next electricity bill as they are more energy efficient.

It’s hard not to think we need new everything when we update, especially furniture. However, it can be as simple as updating the handles on furniture. A new handle can totally change the complexion of a piece and make it feel brand new.

Whether you’re adding more light to your home, bringing in more technologically advanced appliances, or simply making it more smart phone friendly, you can get that modern home feel with a few changes.