Choosing Your Custom Home's Roof

Choosing Your Custom Home's Roof

Choosing which style and material will compose your roof is an important decision. Therefore, we have put together three specifics you should consider before arriving at a conclusion. We’ve outlined these ideas below.

1. Overall Aesthetic

The desired look and feel of your roof needs to compliment the design of your custom home. We would not, in good conscience, recommend a composition shingled roof in a Tuscan or Mediterranean home. Simply put, employing the incorrect roof could deteriorate the appearance of the house. 

Deciding on the correct roofing material counterpart can elevate the curb appeal of your home and neatly tie together the overall aesthetic.

2. Pitch

The pitch, or slope, of a roof is another important factor to examine. Due to height and logistics, certain slopes require the use of a specific material. For instance, roof-composition shingles cannot be used in lower sloped roofs. Instead, you would need to move forward with metal, tile, or slate roofing. 

Ensure before beginning that your custom home’s pitch will allow for your desired roof. A builder worth their salt will know that for every 12 horizontal feet, the roof drops four feet, and will take this into account.

3. Technology

WillowTree Custom Homes blends beauty with innovation. A roof not only protects your home from the weather, it can also increase your energy efficiency. We highly recommend understanding the new roofing materials at your disposal and how they can reduce your energy costs.

4. Cost

As with any portion of the custom home building process, it is imperative to factor in cost. While metal roofing or clay tile can incur costs up to four times the amount of composition shingles, slate tile can cost up to six times as much. We must balance the cost of materials against the predetermined budget to ensure dollars are not pulled from other portions of the house.

Knowing that a budget is not unlimited, we work within your means to provide elegance and intelligent design for a price point you can afford.

At WillowTree Custom Homes, process and communication is imperative. Our team of experts meet with prospective home owners to understand their needs, desires, and budget. Through multiple conversations, we guide our clients through the benefits and drawbacks to each decision, including the specific roof that will be constructed. While our clients of course make the final decision, we offer input based on extensive industry experience and ensure everyone is educated on all possible outcomes before moving forward. 

If you are in the process of building a custom home and struggling with which roof may provide your home with the final touch it needs, feel free to contact us today.