5 DIY Home Improvement Projects For Shelter In Place

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects for Shelter in Place — Willow Tree Custom Homes

We’re all sitting at home, trying to stay safe and healthy with COVID-19 quickly spreading. Unfortunately, we also feel a little stuck as some of us now have a fair amount of time on our hands. 

After a few days watching Tiger King and whatever other shows you’ve been putting off, the parts of your home you’ve been waiting and wanting to improve start looking like they have bright Las Vegas-esque signs flashing over them. 

Well, considering home improvement stores like Lowe’s are still open as “essential businesses,” we have five DIY projects you can do while stuck sheltering in place that you may suddenly have time for!

1. Painting

It’s incredible how much some fresh paint or a new paint color can brighten up your home. Try a new coat on walls, cabinets, or even the outside of your house if you want to change things up!

2. Replace your window trim

Window trim is one of those forgotten parts of your home that over time look more and more grungy. Whether your trim is old or actually starting to rot, new trim can brighten up the entire window without needing to replace the window itself! Considering how much more expensive they are than trim, this can be a huge cost saver.

Click over to this article when you’re finished reading and it will run you through the process step by step.

3. Make a pallet wall

These days, the quickest way to “warm” up your home and pull in a modern trend is to bring in more wood. Thanks to Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia revolution, shiplap is gaining significant amounts of popularity. While these pallet walls do take a bit of skill to get done, it’s a great project to take on with all this free time. 

Take a quick look at this blog which shares 20 different tutorials on how to build a pallet wall yourself. If you are looking for more easy ways to modernize your home, take a quick look at our blog post here.

4. Reorganize

One of the least sexy ways to make your house feel decluttered and fresh is to… reorganize! Put on your Marie Kondo hat and start thinking about how your belongings are arranged. We all start with great intentions, but over time our silverware drawer gets jammed with a few utensils that don’t belong there while our cookware cabinet starts to fill up with containers. Taking everything out, assessing whether you need it or not, and finding a way to organize your belongings can make your life so much easier. 

You’ll also be surprised at how fewer items in your home can make it look ten times better.

5. Wallpaper a door.

Similar to pallet walls, people are loving adding some character to their homes by making their doors unique. We’re moving further and further away from the days of white doors and wallpaper seems to be one of the easiest ways to add patterns you wouldn’t want to paint. 

While these five projects are relatively simple to DIY, some home projects may not be. Along the same lines as Lowe’s staying open, companies like ours that help with custom homes and renovation projects are still working. Some of us are even doing virtual walkthroughs and updates to keep projects moving. If you’re not the DIY type or have a big project hanging over you, don’t hesitate to contact us!