Building The Perfect Custom Pantry

Building The Perfect Custom Pantry

Your desired look plays a major role in the layout of the master bathroom. If you prefer a more modern look, a classic looking stand alone tub may throw off the vibe. Consider how the appliances and furniture can provide accents to your aesthetic. Tile, light fixtures, art and photography, and counter top materials like granite or marble can all play into the feel you create. 

Is your custom bathroom a place to get ready for the day, wind down, or both? 


The furniture you choose will not only help bring the master bathroom’s aesthetic to life, it will directly effect your ability to get ready in the morning or for bed. Consider if you would want a lowered counter and chair to put on makeup so you don’t have to sit on or lean over the sink. 

Speaking of sinks, we always recommend two. With the majority of WillowTree Custom Homes married, we’re big fans of his and her sinks. Trust us; it stops arguments about washing out the sink after shaving and your method of getting toothpaste out of the tube before they even start. 


We all store far more than we realize in the bathroom. From medicine to linens to body wash and face products, most of us have more than a didi bag worth of products. When designing your dream master bathroom, think about how much storage you need. Would you like a walk in closet connected to the bathroom so you can hop out of the shower and get dressed without ever even going into the bedroom?

Consider the storage a vanity provides, if you may want medicine cabinets, or if you would prefer building a linen closet into the room.

At the end of the day, we want you to love your master bathroom. Think about what’s important to you and we can discuss how to bring your idea to life.

WillowTree Custom Homes has been creating custom master bathrooms and custom houses in Colleyville, Southlake and Westlake since 2013. If you’re ready to start a conversation about your dream home, contact us today.

We’ve mentioned before how a kitchen is the epicenter of a home. One crucial key to designing that great custom kitchen is storage, and our pantries are usually the solution.

Unfortunately, pantries often become an overflow room. A source of overwhelming anxiety, they are treated as a disorganized catch all. Cans are stacked all over each other and removing a cookie or bag of potato chips requires moving three other boxes first.

Building every room in your house, no matter how large or small, with intention from the start, can change this. leaves you with even a pantry you’ll love showing off to friends. 

A key part of WillowTree Custom Homes' planning process, we understand the efficiency of space and the need for organization. We work tirelessly to develop a custom pantry that compliments your custom kitchen.


Arguably the most important factor in creating a beautiful pantry is organization. Create a system around your storage to not only improve the pantry’s appearance, but allow yourself to find what you need quicker. Keeping certain items like canned goods or sugar and flour together can make a surprising difference. 

Using clear glass storage jars, you can avoiding four different branded boxes from stacking up. This provides uniformity, and you’ll no longer need to play a game of Tetris every time you bring home the groceries. 

Incorporating lidded jars will also refine the appearance of your pantry while keeping your food fresh. Feel free to dispose of the chip clip and instead use a lid that enhances your room’s design.  


Speaking of the pantry’s design, avoid thinking of it as simply another storage space. Decide if you want continuous shelving wrapping around the room or if you’d prefer hanging racks. Open shelving allows for easy visibility and accessibility. However, you may want closable drawers. Either way, as we’re discussing food storage options, plan to keep your items off the floor to avoid insects.

Your choice of materials will also play a significant role in defining the pantry’s appearance. Would you prefer an industrial look? Maybe you want to use copper for your shelving or wood. Adding metal can modernize the pantry. Different paint colors can heightening the design, making the room brighter or dimmer. The same goes with installing a light.

Typically, our recommendation is to match the design of your kitchen. Allowing your pantry to be an extension of the existing room creates a continuous flow. However, it depends on your vision and taste.

Extra elements

Like any room in your house, a pantry can benefit greatly from a few unique additions. Instead of using a step ladder to get to the top shelf, consider installing a rolling ladder.

The door to the pantry can also provide the room with character. If you love the farmhouse look, a barn door may be the right choice for you. Once organized and with an appearance you love, the pantry may become a room you want to display. In this case, a glass door would allow friends to see your vision come to life without having to mention it to them.

Even including twists like using shoe racks to hold your items, incorporating special baskets, or retro cookware, and having a space on the wall to display artwork or a family photo can add touches that separate your pantry from a plain storage area. 

There are so many ways to elevate a pantry. If you’re going through the process of building the home of your dreams or are about to start, don’t let it be a forgotten room simply meant for storage. It can stand on its own and be another room you love.

Thinking about how to create a custom home but haven’t taken the step to turn your dreams into a reality? Give us a call. WillowTree Custom Homes has helped many Colleyville, Southlake, Westlake and DFW metroplex residents start (and finish) the process.