Our services

We construct some of the finest homes in North Texas with our innovative, detail-oriented approach that puts as much emphasis on planning as it does on the actual building.  



Before any work starts, we believe in building a solid foundation to plan and set expectations to ensure a successful project. We strive to set realistic budget numbers and timelines from our first meeting and work closely with our clients in matters of:

  • Function – How will you live in the home?

  • Finish – What materials and level of finish do you expect?

  • Timeline – What’s your current situation and when is your ideal move-in date?

  • Budget – Do you have a budget number in mind? 

We strive to provide realistic values and examples of these items from our first meeting. A typical planning phase with us includes:

  • Initial construction budget prior to production of plans

  • Engaging a team consisting of an architect, structural engineer and interior designer

  • Budget refinements as plans and information become available

  • Setting allowances of finish-out items

  • Development of project final budget

  • Coordinating with municipalities for matters of permitting

  • Setting the project start date and preliminary schedule



We want you to enjoy the building process by being involved and excited about your new home. This is accomplished by constantly communicating with you regarding where we are in the process including schedule updates, required selections and budget discussions. We value our relationships and relish the opportunity to work with our clients—and we believe we show it through our professionalism and integrity. The construction phase with us includes: 

  • Daily on-site presence from our field superintendent or owners

  • Client and designer meetings for material and finish selections

  • Client and builder walks during all phases of construction

  • Office work for ordering and budget control



Our presence doesn’t end after we hand over the keys. We treat our clients like family and want them to be happy for years to come. Our warranty program is coordinated through our online portal where clients can upload questions, concerns and warranty requests about their new home. The warranty we provide includes:

  • One-year warranty on workmanship and materials

  • Two-year warranty for MEP-related items such as plumbing, electrical and HVAC

  • 10-year warranty on major structural components of the home